• 1. How to take a course?

    Ans:  To purchase a course, visit our website and click on the Courses Tab to purchase your desired course.

  • 2. I am unable to access Course, what should I do?

    Ans:Once you receive the activation email for lectures, kindly go through all the attachments in the mail. This will help you to access the lectures. If you are still facing any issues, please drop us an email to

  • 3. How do I create an account?

    Ans: You can create an account before taking a course. Simply click on the Lock Icon present on the top right corner of the screen near to shopping cart. Click on Register and fill in your details to create an account.

  • 4. How to report an issue on the app if I am facing some problem?

    Ans: For any issues, please drop us an email to with the complete issue details.

  • 5. How do I access the videos?

    Ans: Videos can be accessed on Android Phones and Laptop.

  • 6. In how many devices can I access once I purchased?

    Ans: You can view the courses on only one device – Laptop or Mobile. Please select a device before you register on the software.  

  • 7. Do we need Internet connection to watch the videos after downloaded from google drive?

    Ans: Yes, you will need internet connection to download the videos in case of Google Drive access. Also, internet connection is required to start the lectures on the software.

  • 8. Do we need to download any software on laptop/computer to access?

    Ans: Yes, the link will be provided in the Lecture Activation mail.

  • 9. Do you have pen drive / google drive classes?

    Ans: Yes, we do have Google Drive and Pen drive classes available.

  • 10. Can I share my Account with my friend?

    Ans: No - That is prohibited. The system continuously monitors user access and if we come across any such instances, in line with our terms we shall block your ID and not refund your course fees.

  • 11. How long will the access remain for any course I purchase on the website?

    Ans: The validity of lectures is One Year from the Date of Registration on the software.

  • 12. How many times can I watch videos?

    Ans: You get 1.5x views per lecture. So, you can watch the lecture 1.5 times.

  • 13. Can I access downloaded videos after the course expiry?

    Ans: You get 1 Year validity from the date of registration. The validity is expired, you can extend the same. For the extension, extra fees will be applicable.


  • 1.What is the best and fastest way to reach us?

    Ans:  For any queries, drop us an email to or contact us on 8956688588

  • 2.Where to contact for course enquiry?

    Ans: For sales related queries, Call or WhatsApp on
    8956688589 / 90

  • 3.How do we clear subject related doubts?

    Ans: You can drop us an email to . Also, you will be provided the contact numbers of Faculty so that you can ask them the doubts personally through text.


  • 1.Can we directly interact with the faculty?

    Ans:  You will be provided the contact number of Faculty so that you can ask them the doubts personally through text.

  • 2.Are your classes live / recorded?

    Ans: The classes will be recorded.

  • 3.What subjects / courses are currently available for purchase?

    Ans: You can check them on our courses page - .

  • 4.When can I buy modules?

    Ans:  To purchase the hard copy for study material, you can buy the same from our website under the Books tab.

  • 5. What all do I get when I buy a course from you?

    Ans: Once the course is purchased, you will get the access to lectures and the hard copy of the study material.

  • 6. What are the time duration of various courses?

    Ans: These details are available on the respective course page.

  • 7. Is there a free/trial/demo course available?

    Ans: Yes, the demo lectures are available on YouTube.


  • 1. Do I need to pay all the money upfront?

    Ans:  Yes, the money needs to be paid upfront.

  • 2. Are there no installment options?

    Ans: No, there is no instalment option available.

  • 3. What happens if my account is debited but the course is not activated?

    Ans: Sometimes due to failure at your bank or at the transaction processor end ( GPay / PhonePay/ UPI) or at our payment gateway end, the amount may be debited from your account but the course may not get activated. In such scenarios, we reconcile the amounts and activate the course. Usually, the transaction gets reconciled and money is either credited back to you or received by us within 5-7 days.

  • 4. What are the various payment options available?

    Ans:Currently we offer 4 payment options via. Debit card, Credit card, UPI & Net Banking.

  • 5. Can I pay in cash or transfer directly to the company bank account or pay by Google Pay/PhonePe/Paytm?

    Ans: Yes, but for that you will have to visit the office personally to do so. For the students who are out of Pune, can contact us on the numbers mentioned.

  • 6. We are seeing your courses on other platforms also (online)– are they authorized to sell your courses?

    Ans: We have listed our courses with some third parties. However, please note that w.r.t any such purchase of course from a third party, only after we receive money from the third party, we shall activate your course. Also w.r.t payment failures etc you have to follow-up with such a third party only and not with us.

  • 7. What is your refund process?

    Ans: We have a No Refund policy. Fees paid once will not be refunded.

  • 8. Do we get any discounts?

    Ans: Unfortunately, we do not provide nor do we endorse any discount policy w.r.t lectures.


  • 1. What constitutes a violation of Intellectual Property (IP)?

    Ans:  Sharing of IDs, multiple people watching the courses, recording of courses, displaying of our courses publicly or privately, to people who have not purchased our constitute a violation of our IP. We take such violations very seriously and will pursue all legal options to the fullest extent possible to ensure our IP rights are protected at all times.

  • 2. How do we report any IP violation to you?

    Ans: Email us at