Commerce Ke Liya Hamesha Pratham

About Ekatvam

Ekatvam (n.)
oneness or unity.

Ekatvam academy is the prime destination for students aspiring a career in Commerce. At Ekatvam, we work in unison to ensure the brighter future of students. Everything we do at Ekatvam traces back to our mission:

Transforming Individuals into Professionals.

We proudly host the best faculty in the fraternity to cater to the needs of students. Every mentor at Ekatvam works passionately to ensure that students achieve conceptual clarity instead of just bookish knowledge. They go out of the way so that the students become pragmatic and socio-economically aware professionals.

Best faculty in the fraternity.

We firmly believe the communication is key to better understanding. Hence, in the true spirit of Ekatvam, we ensure that there is no communication-gap between students and mentors. Students can interact with the faculty freely within and outside the class. We encourage students to ask as many questions as they want in order to achieve a thorough understanding of the subject. All students have the access to the personal contacts of the faculty.

We work hard to ensure that students have an ideal environment for learning. This includes:

  • Ultra-modern Classrooms: Fully air-conditioned and gadget ready
  • Safe and hygenic environment
  • Easy access from Pune City and PCMC area
  • Smart Card Attendance
  • Acess to personal contacts of faculty
  • Interaction with faculty over social media